Professor Indra Nath Choudhuri Articles

   Bhagavad Gita Mystic Union with Truth

   Comparative Literature and Globalization

   Confronting Conflicts: The Indian Tradition

   Education for Global Citizenship – Challenges

   Globalisation and the Culture of Marginality

   Guru Shisya Parampara

   Indian Economy, Vivekananda and the hope for a resurgent India

    Indian Literature: Dialectics Of Continuity and Change

   Ramayana and the Voice of India

   Reinventing Comparative Literature

   Remembering Tagore: His Times and his Multifaceted Creativity

   The ancient Indian System of education

   The East-West Dialogue And Cultural fusion

   The Upanishads: the Oneness of the Limitless Infinite and the Finite

   Towards an Indian Theory of Translation

   Translating Cultures Sanskriti: anuvad vivad

   Translation and the idea of Indian Literature

   When Shakuntala went abroad: Two cultures and their Perception of the Romanic Sensibility

    York Lecture

   Asian Confluences and Convergences of Poetry, Philosophy & Aesthetics

   Intertwining The Sacred and The Secular: The Indian Approach to creating a New Humanity

   Nationalism and Literature

   Seeing self (jiva), seeing as Self (Atman) and seeing Self called Ultimate Consciousness

   Self and the Other and the Issue of Cosmopolitanism

   Tagore: At Home in the World

   Tagore and Gandhi: Their intellectual conflict and companionship

   Tagore as a Transnational writer

   Tagore s Concept of Community Development Village Reconstruction and Community

   Tagore, Bose and Mahalanobis: The Confluence of Minds

   Tagore’s understanding of Cosmopolitanism and Universality

   The conflict between the other Asia: and the New Asia Rabindranath Tagore, Liang Qichao

   The Continuity of an art tradition: Harmony Dissonance & Transcendence and Tagore

   The formation of Tagore's spirituality and the evidence of it in his artistic endeavour

   Historiographical inversion

   Mahabharata and the Notion of Dharma

   Paintings of Tagore and his Notion of art

   Sujit Mukherji Memorial Lecture Central: University Hyderabad

   Swami Vivekananda’s Concept of Nation, Nationality and Nationalism

   Traditions of folk in Literature

   Medieval Indian Legacy: Linguistic and literary

   The concept of the nation-state and Tagore’s idea of Nationalism

   The Concept of Human Excellence in Sanskrit Tradition

   Tagore : His philosophy and Poetry and the issues of the East West relationship, Modernity          and Tradition and Nationalism

   Being Different: An Indian Challenge to Western Universalism Rajib Malhotra

   Myth, Orality and Folklore in World Literature

   Inter -faith Dialogue and Guru Granth Saheb

   National Anthem and Rabindranath Tagore

   The Role of Translation in a multilingual society Tagore